Precious Moment

I wasn’t planning on posting again so soon, but today something really touching happened in class, and I wanted to share.

In the basic French course I teach to asylum seekers, we were talking about things we like. I said I liked music and was asking everyone if they did, too. One man didn’t seem to understand, so I used youtube to show him music I like. Then I asked him again if he liked music. He made it understood that he indeed liked music, particularly ‘Arab, musica Arab’. To make sure I understood him, I looked up an example on youtube and let him listen to it.

He almost started crying. Not only was he listening to music he liked, but he got to hear sounds of a home he no longer has. His face lit up with bittersweet nostalgia. It was truly priceless.


3 thoughts on “Precious Moment

  1. What a sweet story. None of us know how it feels to be displaced from our home and culture on a permanent basis. There is always a hope for a return to home. You have won a man’s heart. I suspect he will be one of your best students.

  2. That is a precious story. Thank you for sharing that! It is small things like that where we can make a difference in the world! Thanks for making a difference, Halley!

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