Au Gout du Temps

Earlier this month, David and I went with one of our couple friends to a restaurant in Mutrux, a nearby village.

The wife had heard about Au Gout du Temps and had been wanting to go for a long time. Lover of information as I am, I went to research the place only to discover that it doesn’t have a website (not unheard of in Switzerland… which still blows my mind). It is, however, featured and raved about on review sites.

The concept of this restaurant is quite unique. First of all, when you arrive at the outside of the building, the only door (glass) shows a kitchen behind it… We asked ourselves all sorts of questions like, Is this the right place? Are we allowed to open this door?! Luckily one of the workers was outside braving the cold and welcomed us in. Through the kitchen.

the inside

the inside

As you can see, the artwork in the dining room was modern which directly contrasted the architecture (old farm building). Overall, the atmosphere was cozy (max 25 people) and relaxed. The piano in the corner became the center of an impromptu concert that happened during dessert.

The tables didn’t have menus so we just waited for the waitress (there was only one). She explained that we could simply choose the number of courses we wanted, and the chef would prepare a surprise meal for us with ingredients he had purchased at the market that day. The husbands decided on 6 courses while us wives went with slightly less. Everything was delicious.

And it was surprisingly not too expensive, only about 100 CHF per person. (I’ll admit, Switzerland really skews your perception of cheap/expensive). Reservations required. Make yours today!


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