Bach et Buck Creperie

Many restaurants in Switzerland will break the bank. Luckily, we’ve found affordable places near the university in Neuchâtel. These are typically in the form of kebab stands (not my favorite) and creperies. After trying multiple creperies in Neuchâtel city, I’ve found myself returning to Bach et Buck again and again.

This creperie has never disappointed as far as the food quality is concerned.

My favorite dinner crepes to order are:
CEF (mushrooms, spinach, and cheese), with goat cheese as a substitute
Thai (stir-fry veggies, tofu)
Shrimp cocktail

Dessert crepes:
Crunchy (with Ovaltine)
Caramel beurre nature (buttered caramel)

For a nice night on the town, you can go for crepes and a movie at one of Neuchâtel’s small theaters (budget about 75 CHF for 2).


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