Gianadda: The Body’s Beauty in Ancient Greece

Discobolus of Myron

Discobolus of Myron

Cycladic sculpture

Cycladic sculpture









Last weekend, a friend and I went to the Fondation Pierre Gianadda, a renowned art museum in Martigny. The current exhibition is on the portrayal of the human body in Ancient Greek sculptures (and pottery).

Hercules, found in Martigny in 2011

Apollo, found in Martigny

There were different sections about the male body, the female body, the divine body. The representations were fascinating. I must admit, I was more intrigued by the statues than the scenes depicted on the pottery. Marble statues trump all.

What was also incredible was discovering the statues that have recently been found in Martigny! Apollo pictured right, statues of Hercules and Aphrodite also available for viewing at the museum.

In 2011, they found Hercules and Apollo buried in the ground like this:

A perfect burial?

A perfect burial?


4 thoughts on “Gianadda: The Body’s Beauty in Ancient Greece

  1. Good to see you are getting your cultural enrichment. The Seattle Art Museum will not allow one to take photos…. But maybe the restriction applies to paintings only, can’t remember.
    Did you take the photos pictured in your blog?

  2. Yep, those ones are mine. Hard to get good shots with the layout and lighting! I’ll admit, there might have been a small sign with a “no electronics” image… but it was not in a place people could see it, so there were a lot of us snapping pics without the flash…

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