Dine in the Dark

Blindekuh may just be my favorite dining experience thus far. The concept is simple but genius: dining in the dark.

Indeed, the restaurant itself is pitch black. The waitstaff is composed of people who are blind or seeing-impaired who can get around the room better than you can. When your server helps you find your seat, you immediately begin scouring the tabletop for your utensils and glasses.

We booked a table for a family dinner last year. We enjoyed the challenge of cutting our meat, forking that last noodle, and knowing when to stop pouring water into our glasses… (thank GOODNESS no one could see me!). Fun was definitely had by all.

I would recommend ordering the surprise menu and trying to guess what you are eating! An experience you will not soon forget.


6 thoughts on “Dine in the Dark

  1. Hmmm…I sometimes get creeped out in the dark but as long as its dining and family with me, I think I wouldn’t mind an experience like this! I can’t imagine how it is like when you’re using your knife or fork, though. Seems like an interesting experience…
    Regards, Mary

    • It was definitely interesting. Surprisingly, the hardest part wasn’t using the utensils (ok, except on the peas…!!) but knowing when your plate was empty. Hands definitely got dirty during this meal.

  2. I’ve heard about this but never tried it – not sure I could actually get fork to mouth without the lights on 🙂 Great post for D, very original!

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