Jigsaws and Joysticks

The Swiss, just like anyone else, enjoy a good time. For today’s Jigsaws and Joysticks, I’d like to share with you some games that are played in Switzerland.

Jass/Chibres: Switzerland’s national card game. Similar to euchre. Helps if you can count cards (which I can’t…).

Kubb: I think this actually originated in Sweden. Outdoor game played by throwing wooden pieces to knock over other wooden pieces. Kind of like horseshoes meets bowling meets wood.

Schwingen: Swiss wrestling, considered by many as the national sport. Wrestlers wear a belt with holds (looks like a huge diaper).

Hornussen: A popular sport that has its origins in Swiss countrysides, Hornussen is like a mix of golf and baseball.

Steinstossen: Since the beginning of time, it has always been man vs. rock, hasn’t it? This is the Swiss version of stone put (throwing a rock).

Tchoukball: An indoor team sport created by a sports biologist as the “perfect sport” (because it’s easy on joints and there’s no contact between players, reducing risks for injuries). Akin to fast-paced handball, players throw a volleyball at the trampoline net at the end of the court. If, when it bounces off, a defending team member doesn’t catch it, the offense scores a point.

Alphorn: Ok, this isn’t a game or sport, but music is as much a pastime as any.  This is a long, wooden musical instrument that is played largely in the Alps.

Yodeling: More Alpine music! This is a type of singing that’s actually making a comeback thanks to Melanie Oesch and her family.


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