Ring-a-ling Rhythm

We’ve talked a lot about the sights of Switzerland. Today I’d like to discuss the SOUNDS of Switzerland.

The most prominent sound in Switzerland has to be the bell. I hear bells every day without exception.

Church bells ring on the hour and half-hour (and even on the quarter-hour). At 10pm, they ring a lot to announce the end of the day.

Real Swiss cows wear bells

Real Swiss cows wear bells

But some bells aren’t so punctual. Cows (and some sheep and goats… and even some donkeys!) wear bells around their neck. We can hear cow bells from our apartment window. So Swiss!

What sounds are unique to where you live?


9 thoughts on “Ring-a-ling Rhythm

  1. Oh yes, the cow bells in Switzerland! It was like a fairy tale coming true ;-). Right now we are waking to the cooing mourning doves who signal spring. I live it.

  2. When you first mentioned bells I thought of church bells, but cow bells would be so much cooler šŸ™‚ Depending on the season we hear lawnmowers, the odd big truck, or even snowplows

  3. We had a bell around the neck of our large milk goat years ago in Mississippi so we could hear them coming and going. The only sounds here in the middle of the city are the buses that go past the house, children on the way home from school, sirens of ambulances and fire trucks and much more rarely, a gunshot or two.

  4. Lately all I’ve been hearing is the sound of the rain here in Massachusetts. I like the sound of cow bells and church bells. I love hearing the sounds of all the different birds.

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