Via ferrata Vertigo

Italian for “iron road”, a via ferrata is a protected climbing route in the mountains. There is a steel cable that runs along the route, bolted to the rock every few meters. Wearing a harness and special lanyard+carabiners, we clip on to the cable and reclip after each bolt. When the rocks don’t lend themselves to being hand- or foot- holds, some are added:

Via Ferrata at the Molson

Via Ferrata at the Moleson

These routes typically work their way up a rocky face, like this:

Map of the two via ferratas on the Moleson near Gruyeres.

Yep. As I said. Up.

What’s exhilarating (or vertigo-inducing, depending on the person) is that when you ascend, sometimes you get to do things like this:


Enjoying the view from the bridge of the via ferrata that departs from Kandersteg.


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