Wuilloud’s Winery

Today we’re talking alcohol; Switzerland produces its own selection of wine, beer, and liqueur. The Swiss Germans are more in to beer and Swiss French more in to wine. These preferences have their roots in the culture differences of these two groups. As I have a preference for wine over beer, I guess I’m in the right part. My apartment, in Francophone Switzerland, even looks out over a vineyard.

But instead of looking at Swiss alcohol in general, I’d like to talk about a specific place I appreciate: La Cave des Bouquetins (website in French or German only).

This family-owned winery was founded by the late Dr. Henry Wuilloud. After his fatal mountaineering accident, his two children decided to continue the family business. Dr. Wuilloud’s son Romain (one of my hubby’s army buddies) tends the vineyards and the doctor’s daughter Isaline makes the wine with competence and passion.

They have, hands down, my favorite whites. Especially their sweeter Arvine and their special Plant Wine (dessert wine, currently sold out).

You can go in and taste their wines every Saturday morning from 10am to noon. I’d recommend it if you’re ever in Sion.


3 thoughts on “Wuilloud’s Winery

    • They aren’t as known for exporting. A stereotype is that their wine isn’t as good as in France and their beer isn’t as good as in Germany. But you can find really great ones in Switzerland, too!

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