Yearn for Yum

In my post on Emblematic Exports, I mentioned some yummies that Switzerland produces. But really, Switzerland has more than just Emmental cheese and Toblerone, Lindt, and Nestle (Cailler) chocolates. That’s just what it frequently exports.

Since I’m more a fan of sweet, you get a post solely about Swiss chocolate!

So you know Toblerone, Lindt, and Nestle already! Let’s look at other brands that the Swiss know and love.

Camille Bloch. Their factory and shop can be found in Courtelary in the Jura. Perhaps their most popular chocolates are Torino (my favorite) and Ragusa (my husband’s favorite).

Favarger. Geneva-based. The Aveline is their “undisputed specialty”.

Frey. Owned by the Migros grocery store chain and sold only in their stores. I learned that Frey is the leading Swiss chocolate manufacturer!

Suchard. Originally from Neuchatel. The name still lives on at Wodey Suchard, the oldest confectionery in Switzerland.

Villars. Known for their good chocolate but especially for their collectible gift boxes.


5 thoughts on “Yearn for Yum

  1. I bought one of my favorite blouses ever in Lausanne in the late 70’s. Have never seen anything to match it in the States for quality and comfort. Wore it until I finally wore it out!

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