‘Ze’ siZe

Congratulations to everyone who completed the A-Z Challenge! Today is the final day. 🙂

For Z, we’re talking about the siZe of Switzerland, which is small. It has a surface area of 41, 285 sq. km.

If numbers aren’t your thing, let’s consider two comparisons.

If you think of Portugal as small, well, I have news for you. With Portugal’s area at 91,985 sq km, Switzerland is less than half the size of Portugal.

For those of you in the US, here’s another way to see it. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have a combined area of 45,694 sq km… their powers combined are larger than Switzerland!

So, I think you’ll agree with me that Switzerland is small. But, as we have seen throughout my A-Z Challenge, its small size doesn’t diminish its awe and wonder! And because it’s so small, it is easy to experience a majority of the country during a single visit.

Another advantage of Switzerland’s small size is that if you’re planning a trip to Europe, you can easily combine Switzerland with another country. Switzerland borders France, Germany, Liechtenstein (technically a principality of Switzerland), Austria, and Italy. Have fun exploring!

As an aside, the Swiss perspective of distance is completely different from my American one. For example, some people in David’s immediate family don’t come to see us very often because we live “too far away”. AHEM. We live 30 minutes away, at most… The *face palm* has been my go-to reaction to this mentality.

Well, there you have it! To an outsider, Switzerland may be a small step; but to most Swiss, this small step is more like a giant leap!


5 thoughts on “‘Ze’ siZe

  1. I think the distance thing works both ways – we’re always amazed at Americans who thing they can tour Scotland in a couple of days. They don’t realise that in the Highlands the roads can be single track with passing places and take hours to travel!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about Switzerland – and we made it to Z!

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