Swan Lake Reloaded

Words cannot describe how amazing this show was.

I recently made the trek to Geneva with Carmela to see “Swan Lake Reloaded”. As she puts it, the show “far exceeded” our expectations.

Fredrik Rydman’s modern, “street” version of this ballet classic was thrilling. The dancers were brilliant, the choreography was thoughtful, and the remixed music was geniusly modern.

The director’s choices made the story very easy to follow. Attending the show was such a magical moment that I was disappointed when the curtains closed.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Swan Lake Reloaded, DO IT! I would see it again in a heartbeat.


5 thoughts on “Swan Lake Reloaded

  1. Thank you, Halley! I love dance in almost every form, and this looks astonishing. Will check to see if it’s possibly coming to the States. I follow a blogger who posted a video snippet every day in March from a different dance – wide variety of dancers, choreography and music. It was fascinating. Let me know if you want her blogsite!

  2. Hi Halley – I’m back to say I watched a snippet on YouTube and read a very comprehensive review found by googling. You are right – there is no word to describe it!

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