Up Close in the Uffizi

This month I had the joy of returning to Florence, one of my favorite Italian cities. I even got to spend an entire afternoon in the Uffizi! Talk about bliss!

Art is so inspiring. While I do enjoy creating music and word/photo collages, I’m not so talented with paintbrushes. Usually when I go to a museum and stand in front of a painting, I take in the whole experience. Just absorb the whole, reflect, then move on.

This time, I decided to change my perspective and focus on details I’d never paid much attention to in the past. It was fun and challenging to admire some of my favorites in a different way. Up close and personal. In honor of this new-found focus, I thought we could play a short game of Name That Painting! Good luck!

Exhibit A:

Can you name this Botticelli painting?

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Exhibit B:

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Exhibit C:

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Aaaand… go! 🙂


Update: answers are in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Up Close in the Uffizi

  1. A & B are Botticelli — Venus and Primavera, respectively. Primavera is one of my all-time favorites!.

    You’ve got me stumped on the third one — I suspect it might be Botticelli from the technique.

    Lucky you, to have visited the Uffizi! Nice.

    • Hello and thanks for stopping by. I just read your most recent post on Flowers for Algernon and couldn’t agree with you more about the impact of reading through Charlie’s perspective.

      For the paintings, A & B are, of course, correct.

      Ah, I threw a curve ball for C. Different artist. 🙂

      • I love a good mystery. I’ll be checking back in — got to know who is the 3rd one!

        I like the idea of a guess-what-it-is game too. I’m tempted to try that with my own readers.

  2. Love the guessing game. I don’t know art and artists so look forward to someone or you posting the third answer.

  3. I give up on all of them – I just realized how much more familiar I am with French artists than Italian. It hadn’t dawned on me until now – even though I visited Florence and the Uffizi – that I’ve never really studied them. Yikes!!! Where do I fit that on my Bucket List ?

    Liked your little quiz, nevertheless, and glad you got to visit one of your favorite cities!

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