Dine in the Dark

Blindekuh may just be my favorite dining experience thus far. The concept is simple but genius: dining in the dark.

Indeed, the restaurant itself is pitch black. The waitstaff is composed of people who are blind or seeing-impaired who can get around the room better than you can. When your server helps you find your seat, you immediately begin scouring the tabletop for your utensils and glasses.

We booked a table for a family dinner last year. We enjoyed the challenge of cutting our meat, forking that last noodle, and knowing when to stop pouring water into our glasses… (thank GOODNESS no one could see me!). Fun was definitely had by all.

I would recommend ordering the surprise menu and trying to guess what you are eating! An experience you will not soon forget.


Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs

Let this be your inspiration for this day!

Having volunteered (and, when I was old enough, worked) for Special Olympics  for over a decade before my move to Switzerland, I’ve met a lot of people like Tim who never cease to amaze me. Read more about Tim here.

Bach et Buck Creperie

Many restaurants in Switzerland will break the bank. Luckily, we’ve found affordable places near the university in Neuchâtel. These are typically in the form of kebab stands (not my favorite) and creperies. After trying multiple creperies in Neuchâtel city, I’ve found myself returning to Bach et Buck again and again.

This creperie has never disappointed as far as the food quality is concerned.

My favorite dinner crepes to order are:
CEF (mushrooms, spinach, and cheese), with goat cheese as a substitute
Thai (stir-fry veggies, tofu)
Shrimp cocktail

Dessert crepes:
Crunchy (with Ovaltine)
Caramel beurre nature (buttered caramel)

For a nice night on the town, you can go for crepes and a movie at one of Neuchâtel’s small theaters (budget about 75 CHF for 2).

Capitol Hill, Seattle

Entrance to Annapurna

Entrance to Annapurna

Seattle’s Capitol Hill never ceases to amaze me. There is so much personality radiating from the shops, schools, parks, museums, restaurants… In December, we hit up one of our favorite spots to eat: Annapurna Cafe. They rock cuisines from India, Nepal, and Tibet. In 2012, Seattle Magazine readers dubbed it the “Best Indian Food” around. A worthy title for a noteworthy restaurant.

Going down the steps

Going down the steps

And of course, what trip to Broadway would be complete without practicing a few dance steps?



Au Gout du Temps

Earlier this month, David and I went with one of our couple friends to a restaurant in Mutrux, a nearby village.

The wife had heard about Au Gout du Temps and had been wanting to go for a long time. Lover of information as I am, I went to research the place only to discover that it doesn’t have a website (not unheard of in Switzerland… which still blows my mind). It is, however, featured and raved about on review sites.

The concept of this restaurant is quite unique. First of all, when you arrive at the outside of the building, the only door (glass) shows a kitchen behind it… We asked ourselves all sorts of questions like, Is this the right place? Are we allowed to open this door?! Luckily one of the workers was outside braving the cold and welcomed us in. Through the kitchen.

the inside

the inside

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Il Vino

A year ago, David and I took a weekend trip to Paris so he could see the sights. We had purchased a Paris Pass and definitely made the most of it! A great time was had by both.

Our most noteworthy dining experience in the City of Lights was our meal at Il Vino. The concept: order your wine and you will be served a dish that complements it. We ordered a 4-course meal with surprise wines and surprise dishes. I don’t think I can recommend this place highly enough.

Enjoying a delicious evening of meals paired to our wines.

Enjoying a delicious evening of meals paired to our wines.