Lost Your Name?

So, I’m gonna switch gears here. No vacation talk – I want to show you a fun new book find!

As a kid, one of my favorite gifts from my grandparents was a personalized book that had me as a character! So, for some of my favorite kids here, I wanted to give them the same type of gift. And I turned to the Internet for different options.

Since this gift was for boy/girl twins, I didn’t want too much competition or comparison (if I got one of them a Mickey book, for example, the other would be jealous). That made choosing a bit more… particular. But I found the perfect books to personalize for those two special kids in my life.

I invite you to explore www.lostmy.name !

The idea around these books is that *the child* loses his/her name and goes on an adventure to collect all the letters. Along the way, he/she meets different animals that give them a letter. Elephant gives E, Lion gives L, etc. Each child’s book is different because different letters make up their name (don’t worry about double letters, the creators have it covered)! Such a clever idea, and such a fun adventure for kids to enjoy!


Guest Posts

A post I wrote has been published on another site!  The School of Teaching ESL, where I earned my first TESOL certificate, recently started a blog. The post is entitled “Five Key Qualities for a Successful TEFL Career”. Go check it out!

*Update* Today, another of my posts was published:
“Three Reasons Why I ♥ S-TESL” !

So, that happened…

At work, we have a machine to add carbonation to water, like this:


Turns out, the bottles have expiration dates… and if you use one that is already slightly deformed AND past its expiration date, you get a HUGE surprise!!

You guessed it: the bottle exploded and I got SOAKED!

Good thing the boss and his wife live nearby, and she could bring me a change of clothes before my students came!

Precious Moment

I wasn’t planning on posting again so soon, but today something really touching happened in class, and I wanted to share.

In the basic French course I teach to asylum seekers, we were talking about things we like. I said I liked music and was asking everyone if they did, too. One man didn’t seem to understand, so I used youtube to show him music I like. Then I asked him again if he liked music. He made it understood that he indeed liked music, particularly ‘Arab, musica Arab’. To make sure I understood him, I looked up an example on youtube and let him listen to it.

He almost started crying. Not only was he listening to music he liked, but he got to hear sounds of a home he no longer has. His face lit up with bittersweet nostalgia. It was truly priceless.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Books have always had a special place in my heart, but these were some of my favorites growing up. I would read them under my blanket at night with a flashlight to keep my parents from knowing (and I thought I was so smart, but I’m sure they knew what was going on…).

Recently, I started teaching a basic French class to asylum seekers in the area. Because our class is held in a computer lab, our activities are based on multimedia. Last week, we talked about things to buy in a market, using a youtube video and google images. In the near future, my co-teacher and I will have them read this (very basic) choose your own adventure story!