The Matterhorn Says Good Morning

When you stay the night at Fluhalp, you can wake up to a view like this. Pretty darn spectacular!


The Matterhorn above the morning clouds.


Alpine Atmosphere

In Switzerland, mountains are literally everywhere. There are two mountain ranges: the dominating, world-renown Alps as well as the lesser known Jura Mountains.

Test your Alp knowledge! Can you name the four most famous peaks in the Swiss Alps? The pictures are there to help, and you’ll find the answers revealed below…

Being in the Alps is about more than just visiting famous mountains. As this post’s title implies, the mountains have their own atmosphere and experiences that you just don’t get elsewhere.

For starters, the Alps come with their own sounds and flavors. Alphorns resonate through valleys, and food enthusiasts can dine on fondue or alpen macaroni at high altitudes. Mountain huts provide refuge for overnight guests. Traditionally, each guest would bring an ingredient to add to the evening’s soup, but today’s mountaineering climate is evolving into a more individualist spirit.

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