Up Close in the Uffizi

This month I had the joy of returning to Florence, one of my favorite Italian cities. I even got to spend an entire afternoon in the Uffizi! Talk about bliss!

Art is so inspiring. While I do enjoy creating music and word/photo collages, I’m not so talented with paintbrushes. Usually when I go to a museum and stand in front of a painting, I take in the whole experience. Just absorb the whole, reflect, then move on.

This time, I decided to change my perspective and focus on details I’d never paid much attention to in the past. It was fun and challenging to admire some of my favorites in a different way. Up close and personal. In honor of this new-found focus, I thought we could play a short game of Name That Painting! Good luck!

Exhibit A:

Can you name this Botticelli painting?

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Exhibit B:

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Exhibit C:

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Can you name this painting? And its artist?

Aaaand… go! 🙂


Update: answers are in the comments!


Museum Mania

Switzerland has many, many museums. For today’s post, I’d like to share some of my favorites with you.

Einstein Museum in Bern. Learn about the life and work of this genius.
Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz. While the Swiss National Museum in Zurich is bigger and also worth a visit, there was something magical about learning Swiss history in this historic place.

Some smaller museums, like the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Art and History in Neuchatel have free admission on Wednesdays!

Art and Architecture:
Gianadda Foundation in Martingy. I was there recently for an exhibition on The Body’s Beauty in Ancient Greece. After A to Z, I will also be posting about their sculpture garden.
Ice Pavilion in Saas Fee. This is getting classified as architecture because you get to see the structure of the inside of a glacier!
Ballenberg Open Air Museum near Brienz. This is a fascinating museum. Traditional houses from all over Switzerland were transported here!

Technorama in Winterthur. Swiss Science Center.
Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern. Learn about trains, planes, automobiles… and more!
Camera Museum in Vevey. We sprung for the extra fee to develop our own photos in the dark room. You can learn a lot about the history (and even the future!) of photography.

Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc. Learn the history of chocolate, see how it’s made. Finish in the tasting room. Go there.
Alimentarium in Vevey. The permanent exhibition explores the purchasing, cooking, eating, and digesting of food. You also learn about world cuisines as well as historic cuisines.
Cheese Dairy near Gruyeres. Learn and see how they make cheese! Visiting this museum doesn’t take very long, but the exhibition itself is well done. You get an audio-guide with your admission.

There are also some museums I haven’t been to yet but intrigue me. On my Swiss Museum Bucket List are:

Rosengart Collection in Luzern
Paul Klee Center in Bern

Museum of Music Boxes and Automatons in Sainte Croix
Saint Bernard Museum in Martigny

Over to you: What makes a museum great?

La Sarraz

My sister-in-law has always had a fondness for horses, so when I saw that there was a Horse Museum not too far away… I knew exactly who I wanted to go with! I ended up organizing a surprise day for her where we visited the museum and then went on a hike in the nearby forest.

Musee du Cheval in La Sarraz

Musee du Cheval in La Sarraz

We practiced our horse-drawn-carriage-driving skills.

We practiced our horse-drawn-carriage-driving skills.

Tine de Conflens

La Tine de Conflens